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Malaysia has always been part of the hot spot for serial-travelling within South East Asia region. It makes very familiar sound as Malaysia is known for excellent hospitality, besides having unique set of cultural activities.

Generally, this country consists of the peninsular (west) Malaysia) and the East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). Other the main three majority races (Malay, Chinese and Indian), the ethnic composition starts to evolve a little bit as more and more Middle Easterners and other ASEAN people flocks into the Malaysia shore.

Nevertheless, Malaysia has stable economic growth and is one the favourite place for investors to build regional businesses here. Lately, there has been steady increase in the conventions, exposition, campaigns, and serial-seminars being held throughout the year. Weekends have been pretty exciting for those urban folks who like to participate in these activities, be it for social reason, education, commercial reason or merely enjoying the fun among the crowds.

I can say, for all the events that I’ve been through, the first thing that my eyes will scout is the food served. In Malaysia, it is very, I mean, very common to enjoy food served by good caterers, and guess what… you actually get the best local food, sometimes taste better than those served in the restaurants. The last artistic event which I’ve participated, I pretty much enjoy the awesome food served and I have the chance to grab their name cards as my future caterer candidate, my birthday or wedding party maybe? In case you are curious which caterer that might be, look out for them at

The food that we enjoyed are served HOT! Taste wise, they are pretty decent with the correct spices used, seems like they are designed and customized just to fulfil the participants. I am sure the others felt the same as the food “evaporated” fast just within minutes from the breaks. Variety wise, the organizer was generous enough to cater to all types of audiences present. Thumb up!

All in all, it is very exciting to explore what Malaysia catering companies can offer, as it is not entirely about the food served, the service quality and overall package value that the guess received are becoming more of a considering factor, as they said the modern business delivery these days put significant measurement on the quality of services.

That’s all for today.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Places in Malaysia

I think you will agree with me when I say :

You will definitely decide to take tour to Europe as your places to honeymoon.

Why not you guys consider to have your honeymoon in Malaysia?

wedding planner malaysia

In fact, Malaysia is a tropical country which always have perfect weather every year. I believe your wedding planner Malaysia will recommend Malaysia is a great place to visit especially if you wish to have a relax holiday or have some tasty food.

The following is the top 5 honeymoon destinations in Malaysia.


Rates will be slightly expensive on peak season!

Grab the best wedding honeymoon quotations here :

Cameron Highlands in Pahang

For those who want a little cooler honeymoon places, Cameron Highlands is your best choice!

Cameron Highland is located at the north of Pahang, where provides tea plantations, fresh cottages and strawberry. It is known as a relaxing place but you can enjoy plenty of activities with your spouses.

Things you can do in Cameron Highlands

  • Play Golf in new born, dew-gathered grass
  • Jungle trekking and have nature walk
  • Visit strawberry farms and grab some fresh strawberries
  • Have a steam boat dinner!

Redang Island in Terengganu

Having honeymoon on the beach is wonderful experience in lifetime. You can relax your mind with soft white sand, crystal clear water, jungles surrounding the island. It is definitely a good choice to have honeymoon in Redang Island.

As we know, Redang Island is the largest Island in Malaysia with conserving marine life. Jet and water skies are not allowed in this island to protect sea turtle. You can chill and lie on the beach to enjoy the rays.

Moreover, there are lots of activities you can take part with your partners.

  • Diving and discover different views in the crystal clear water
  • Play volleyball in the beach
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset

Batu Ferringhi in Penang

Batu Ferringhi is the favorite tourist and the must visit in Penang. You can play exciting water sports activities and try different types of food in Penang.

There are plenty of sports activities on the beach such as jet-sailing, deep-sea fishing trips and para-sailing.

Besides that,

Things can be done in Batu Ferringhi

  • Visit night market
  • Go to day spa
  • Visit Tropical Fruit Farm and try some fresh fruits
  • Food Reflexology and Fish Spa- Health and Wellness Centers

Tanjung Aru in Sabah

Tanjung Aru is the favorites honeymoon places where it has dazzling white beach and super nice view during sunset. However, activities at Tanjung Aru is not plenty but the view and sightseeing are worth the price. The most important things in your honeymoon is to spend quality time with your partners.

Things you can do in Tanjung Aru

  • Spot the famous sand blubber crabs
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • View beautiful Coral Reefs
  • Go to Kinabalu National Park

Malacca- Culture Honeymoon

As we know, Malacca is one of the famous historical city in Malaysia. Although Malacca is full of history, many couples still able to find many relaxing activities to do such as eating, shopping and have sightseeing tours. If you are shopaholic and food lovers, you must bring your partners to Malacca.

What you can do in Malacca:

  • Check out historical museums
  • Visit Malacca River Cruise
  • Go to cowboy town at night
  • Eat at Jonker Street during weekends

For more information about wedding honeymoon destination , visit here:

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